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Suppliers with special charge in Electricity Market

Suppliers with special charge in Electricity Market

Pursuant to EMRA’S board decision on 12.09.2012, operations of retail and wholesale electricity, operated by distribution companies shall be carried out within different legal entities from 01.01.2013 on. Therefore, “Supplier Companies With A Special Charge” is regulated by the Code of Electricty Market Numbered 6446 (the Code).

Pursuant to the Code, a supplier company in the electricity market, is a legal entity which deals with whole and/or retail sale, export, import and commercial operations of electricity within the scope of supplier’s license. “Supplier Companies with Special Charge” are established in consequence of legal disintegration of electricity distribution and retail sale operations. They are authorised by EMRA as “ Supplier of Last Resort”.

Liabilities of Suppliers with Special Charge

Suppliers with Special Charge carry out retail sales services operated by distribution companies and the sale of electricity to the non-eligible consumer in related distribution areas. Electric energy tariffs are subjected to the approval of EMRA.

If any behaviour of “the Supplier with Special Charge” which prevents or restricts the competition in the market is determined, the related supplier company shall be obliged to comply with measures envisaged by EMRA and EMRA shall take necessary measures. These measures include;

  • restructure of the company management,

  • restriction or termination of the ownership or the controlling relationship of the distribution companies’.

Until the end of the December, suppliers with special charge, are obliged to inform EMRA about their estimated 5 years peak power demands.

In addition, the amount of required electricity and the related contracts as well as the need for additional energy and capacity shall be provided to EMRA.

The Supplier of Last Resort

The supply of last resort is the obligation to provide electricity -power and/or -capacity to the eligible consumer in the suppliers area of operation. Also the eligible consumer’s electricty contract should have ended for any reason except for payment reasons and s/he is not able to receive electric energy until a new contract.

In case of necessity, and if it is added to the their licenses, supplier companies shall be charged as supplier of last resort in their own distribution areas. If the supplier of last resort’s license ends or has been cancelled, EMRA shall point a new supplier for the related distribution area.

Each year, the suppliers of last resort are obliged to provide electricty power from Turkiye Elektrik Ticaret ve Taahhüt A.Ş. at a rate determined by EMRA, then it will be provided to the consumers.

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