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Competition Law 

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Competition Law
Competition Law & Antitrust Law Firm Istanbul Turkey
Here at KILIÇ & Partners International Law Firm have made a concious decision to keep up to date with all new legislation and worldwide legal principles and specialise in new and innovative areas of law. This is why our European Legal Team have members who are specialists in Competition and Antitrust Law, even though it is a relatively new area of law as it is increasingly becoming a crucial element of any business, due to heavy fines on companies for disregarding and violating competition rules in their activities.


KILIÇ and Partners’s Competition practice covers broad advisory and compliance work focusing on a range of competition and regulatory issues in Turkey, CIS and the EU, including but not limited to:


Merger control, obtaining competition clearance for multi-jurisdictional mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures that entail respective filings before the European Commission, Turkish Competition Authority, as well as Competition Authorities of other jurisdictions, coordinating international merger notifications


  • Abuse of Dominance and Dawn raids: Assisting companies with strong market position in cartel investigations, including handling on-site document inspections by competition officials and advising on the pros and cons of leniency applications

  • Antitrust: Representing clients before the Competition Authorities wishing to complain against anti-competitive activity of third parties; Assessing various commercial agreements (distribution, agency, information exchanges, etc.) on their compatibility with competition law

  • Compliance: Providing training on competition law  and compliance programs to our clients

  • State aid, Public procurement and Regulatory matters


We advise our clients on general competition law and compliance matters in pharmaceuticals, telecoms, construction, energy, steel and chemicals sectors. Our team provides legal guidance on how to avoid risks associated with competition law, as well as provides a strategic guidance on how to use competition law to client’s advantage.
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